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Drew is an average teen that lives on a farm in a place called Lyssia.  It's a rainy day on the Ferran farm, and Drew's father and his brother Trent are going to the trading area.  When they are gone things get hairy, though.  A were-creature attacks and Drew figures out he's one too.  He gets forced into the Dyrewood when his father thinks Drew killed his mother.  Drew must survive and at the same time save The Seven Realms from the rein of the lion.  Can Drew stop the lion and save Lyssia and The Seven Realms?
<![CDATA[Wake Up Missing]]>Thu, 25 Sep 2014 00:26:21 GMThttp://www.msstringfellow.com/class-book-whisperers/wake-up-missingPictureReviewed by Liv G.
Wake Up Missing is about four kids Ben, Sarah, Cat and Quentin. They have all had concussions and are being sent to the I CAN Center in the Everglades to get better.

The kids notice something is wrong with the center and with lots of snooping around,  they find out what is stirring. I recommend this book to anyone who likes an adventure and action packed book! 

<![CDATA[A Mango-Shaped Space]]>Mon, 18 Mar 2013 01:34:13 GMThttp://www.msstringfellow.com/class-book-whisperers/a-mango-shaped-spacePicture
Reviewed by Aiman A.
A Mango-Shaped Space is a novel by Wendy Mass. It is about a girl named Mia Winchell, who has been seeing colors for 13 years. After being called a freak because of it in 3rd grade, Mia hasn’t spoken about it to anyone. When she starts eighth grade she is forced to tell her parents due to some bad grades. They go to a few doctors and eventually find out that Mia has synesthesia. Mia’s life has now changed, in ways which are good and bad.

Mia lives in an expanding house and has a cat named Mango. She has two siblings, an older sister, Beth, and a younger brother, Zach. Her best friend is Jenna Davis. She starts thinking about telling about telling her parents about her colors when she meets a boy named Billy Henkle. He tells her that her name is purple with orange stripes, and she says it is candy apple red with light green.

Billy makes Mia think if other people see colors like her but she isn’t sure after the incident in 3rd grade. When she tells Jenna, she gets upset that Mia had hidden this from her, and ignores her from some time which sets off a series of events that make up the wonderful read, A Mango-Shaped Space.

<![CDATA[The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There]]>Fri, 15 Mar 2013 23:10:19 GMThttp://www.msstringfellow.com/class-book-whisperers/the-girl-who-fell-beneath-fairyland-and-led-the-revels-therePicture
Reviewed by Caroline T.
From this point on, I will just refer this book as The Girl. Okay? Okay.
This is the second book in the series by Catherynne M. Valente but my favorite, so I thought I ought to recommend this one. The main character is a girl named September who has been to Fairyland, a magical place full of wonderment, before, but she keeps it a secret. She longs to escape her dreary life and go back, but there is no way. No one takes her. Finally, on the birthday where she becomes a teenager, she is whisked away to Fairyland again. This time, though, some of the wonder is gone, and she is soon to find out why.

The shadows of the fairy-people, from which they draw their magic, are being stolen. This journey will be even harder than her first one because, as everyone knows, children are quite heartless, but the same is not quite true when they are teenagers. 

The Girl is a wonderful story in which you will follow September through becoming accustomed to her heart and helping Fairyland get back their shadows. However, it is probably best that you read the first book first, of which the title is: The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of her Own Making. Below is a book trailer for each of the books. Enjoy!

<![CDATA[The Grimm Legacy]]>Fri, 15 Mar 2013 23:05:48 GMThttp://www.msstringfellow.com/class-book-whisperers/the-grimm-legacyPicture
Reviewed by Emily P.
The Grimm Legacy is written by Polly Shulman. The story is about a girl named Elizabeth. She is 16, and gets a job as a page at the New York Circulating Material Repository. The New York Circulating Material Repository has everything from wine glasses, to parasols, to wigs, and even more. It even has... well you'll just have to read to find out.

While working, Elizabeth meets new friends and discovers a secret that is unbelievable. With her friends, and fellow pages, Marc, Anjali, and Aaron, she gets swept up into a mystery involving magical objects. 

The Grimm Legacy is full of action, mystery, suspense. The youngest audience that should read this would be very mature tweens.